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So inspiring ❤️

Can you make more short (about 20mins) podcasts about femininity ,just your beautiful voice and your inspiring words ❤️ Iwas following you since 2019 ,and really ido love you and your special way of touching my heart

Such an Inspiration!

Hi, I’m new to the show but I am so so glad that I found it! I’m a 32 year old newly married female and it’s so hard for me to be feminine. It has a lot to do with how I was raised and how I grew up. Although, people wouldn’t think that I wasn’t feminine by looking at me but it’s more on the inside lol. Anyways, Dr. Daf is so inspiring and I’m glad that’s she able to put herself out there to help women like me. I also love the guest speakers as well, and overall how she speaks, and the love that she has for God. May God continue to bless you on your journey through life!

Dr. Daf needs her own TELEVISION SHOW!

Dr. Michelle has helped reform me into the woman I am today. She has helped bring me closer to God and turn from my ways of the past by posting this content that is very relatable and digestible. She has a way of saying things that make me feel warm and loved that would probably make me feel judged or condemned coming from another person because JESUS has anointed her words. Tune in! There was a LONG TIME this was the ONLY podcast I listened to until I pretty much listened to almost all of the episodes 😂😂🤍🤍‼️ much love! Get something to drink get something to write with and LETS TALK ABOUT THIS! 🎀🤍💕

Glory to God!!

Thank you for speaking about God and true women hood. I appreciate you using your platform for good and speaking against the wickedness in the world. I find it hard now and days for truth speakers and I’m so blessed to be able to tune in to your show and receive wisdom and understanding. Your podcast is part of my weekly prayer routine after listening to my bible. Thank you Dr. Michelle and may God continue to bless you🙏🏽

Weekly Blessing

I look forward to every new episode as I know there will be life gems deposited into my spirit! I literally get giddy when my new episode notification pops us ! Thank you Dr. Daf for this pure source of Joy! I pray you are blessed for all the work you’re doing to uplift women all around the world!

Such a beautiful person . A must this podcast

This is what all girls need to hear at a young age and taught this way and these men don’t care she’s so special a angelic voice too and sweet

A Blessing

This podcast has been a blessing for me. It is helping me to reconnect with my feminine side. It has also been a great guide to improving my relationship with God. Thank you Dr. Daf! May God continue to bless you as you bless others.


I’ve been so blessed by your videos and podcast! I’m a wife of 8 yrs and a mom to a boy and two girls. 7,4,and 2yrs old. I’m “girly” but I started searching more about femininity two yrs ago and came across your channel. So happy your a believer of Jesus as well! You share your faith so well, bold but not rude or demeaning. I desire to pass on this wisdom to my two girls, from you ❤

This podcast is a godsend! 💓

I absolutely adore this podcast it has worked wonders in my life. I am so blessed to have the ears to listen. I truly believe I have become a more enriched woman because of it!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The First Date.

Chivalry is alive and well- thank you for the reminder - now, if some men could take a few lessons from The First Date.


She is an absolute gem. I love all of her podcasts! Her voice and vibe is soothing. And her advice is 100% on point.

This podcast is perfect

I have been listening to the episode on boundaries with self and manners on repeat! Such a good reminder and I love how it feels like tough-love coming from a parent or older sister! I love that you are also a woman of faith, even though we are different faiths it’s still awesome to hear an influencer include Gd so much! Amazing work!

Dr. Michelle is such a blessing!

I came across Dr. Michelle’s content I believe during the summer of 2020, and have been so blessed from the insight and information she shares. Dr. Michelle is one of the very few people I trust and truly admire when it comes to sharing on topics such as femininity, faith, and more. I am so so grateful God led me to Dr. Michelle. 💓

I love it here

I have been following the doctor for years when she was back in college doing makeup videos on YouTube. I have always loved her channel and she just has an amazing spirit. It has been a joy watching her grow to becoming a doctor, a wife and a mother. I recently have gotten into podcast heavy and totally forgot that she had one. When I started to search for shows that I was interested in I quickly gravitated towards my girl and I am in love. I look forward to this treat every morning or before bedtime. Thank you fir this content, and continue to bless us and fed us with your gift💜💜


I really enjoy your podcast! I am 30 years old and currently trying to find myself and become the best version of myself. You not only give great tips but you help me understand I am not alone and that I can make the change! Thank you for your positive energy. Philippians 4:13.

Life changing

This podcast has really helped me get back to building my relationship with God and becoming the woman he wants me to be! Love 💕

Dr. Michelle is amazing!

This podcast is truly amazing. My first exposure of Dr. Michelle was on YouTube. She’s always refreshing and has a classy way of showing life skills. Thanks!


This podcast has become a huge blessing in my life. I have connected more with God than I every imagine from your content. I am inspired more and more to become a godly woman. Thank you so much for making a difference in my life and other women. Im


Love this podcast and YouTube channel as well.

My favorite podcast

Love love love this podcast. I feel more feminine and closer to God. Thank you.



Beautiful and life changing

Thank you for using your gift and showing women how to regain our femininity. It’s something I didn’t understand was lost until recently and I pray for the power and action to make the changes God is leading me to.

Life Changing!!

I love this podcast so much! I found it about a year ago when I was going through a really tough time in my life. Dr. Michelle’s words of encouragement and her listeners’ questions/testimonies helped me get through it. I love that Dr. Michelle not only talks about femininity, but also talks about how to pray and be a woman of strong faith. omg the whole Esther series is a must-listen! I feel like I’ve become a better woman since listening and I just pray that this podcast reaches even more women and touches their lives in an impactful way like it’s touched mine. Thank you Dr. Michelle!! 💗💗💗


Thank you for making this podcast and especially involving God in it. Love listening to your podcast on a beautiful morning with breakfast.


I have grown so much listening to Dr. podcast! My life is intentionally feminine! I love the simplicity and the grace she has with every lesson! Love her YouTube channel too!

5 star podcast

I love this podcast combined with YouTube! I feel home when listening to your podcast. My wisdom is growing. 🙂

Thank you

I love everything you’re about! I started following you on YouTube and towards the end of one of your videos I found out you had a podcast and instantly came on here to follow. Keep up the positivity and women empowerment! I’m here for it and can’t wait to see where this podcast take me on my feminine journey! 🤗


I am so grateful that I found Dr.Michelle on YouTube! I’m here to learn and to keep elevating myself. I love that she’s a Christian and she emphasizes the importance in having a relationship with God. Thank you for this beautiful content! May god bless you sweetheart💖💫

You are a blessing 🌸

I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a few months now and I listen to them a few times just to remind myself of things 🌸 you’re one of the only feminine Christian women influencers out there. I’m so grateful for your content 💗💗

Thank You So Much!!!!!

Your products is very helpful. I’m learning a lot 🤗 God bless you sis!! ❤️