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God spoke to me literally from you ❤️

How can I even start to describe my words...
I literally played this episode 10X to get it through my hard headed self. Everything what you just said it’s me it’s me! What I’m going through. I’m a 25 single mother living with my parents. Going on to nursing school this year, I have my ups and downs as finding myself. And I keep going back to God so many times. Crying to him every time I fail or wake up from a nightmare the other night. When i can be overwhelmed and at times take it out on my little one, when she is just an innocent child. I’m stressed about everything in my life when it’s honestly isn’t bad I have a support with my own family. I just expect more of myself I see how cruel this world is more and more I do trust God how everything is for a reason, how WE ALL need to get right with God at all times have that good relationship,, how I feel so bad how I put myself in situations, when Try myself to be the best mother possible i feel that I fail some of the time bc she doesn’t have a somewhat father in her life it’s just hard to just watch her grow as a beautiful child and her dad misses it all like why would you miss out on your daughter growing... I know Im rambling and doesn’t make sense. But Im glad I’m just letting this out. I don’t have much friends but that is okay. I am just trying to work as much as I can and go home to my child that’s all I do, and ask online school for the moment... Its not all about friends i get that part. I am working on being a feminine woman, I love this way you explain everything that I would never think of, believe I am working on my attitude gets the best of me but I am getting better, I especially liked how you prayed at the end that spoke right to me. I had chills... Gods child i am, my daughter is Gods child ever since I became pregnant, & when she was born i dedicated my daughter to God. Anyways sorry for just rambling.
Please please keep making these type of podcasts thank you beautiful God bless.

Feb. 12, 2021 by moni405 on Apple Podcasts

Podcast Impressions