Podcast Impressions

I Just Love This Podcast!

Michelle, I want to say thank you SO much for creating this podcast. As a black 25 year old mama of two toddlers, I feel that this podcast helps to keep me centered and reminds me daily to use my feminine energy to my benefit (in the chaos of being a toddler mom, this is so important). From this podcast, I am learning just how vital self care is .
Not only is the wisdom that Michelle shares in this podcast super helpful, but Michelle’s voice is like silk, so relaxing. I listen to this podcast while I’m out running errands, and even sometimes when I’m laying down at night putting my 1 year old to sleep. This podcast is everything!

Side note: I have been watching Michelle’s natural hair videos and vlogs on YouTube since 2013. Honestly, she’s like my best friend or big sister in my head lol. Thanks Michelle for your gifts!

Sept. 26, 2020 by Blaxicanchica9494 on Apple Podcasts

Podcast Impressions